Meetups, koans, and exercism – Oh my!

Fear not – exercism is not a glaringly awkward typo going on in the title. It is a reference to a resource that was shared with us tonight at the Orlando Coding Dojo meetup.

I arrived at Code School in Orlando eager with anticipation. Through the Orlando Coding Dojo meetup, I would be learning about test-driven development. This was my first time attending Orlando Coding Dojo but my second time out at The Code School. I love this location for its laid back and relevant atmosphere. I also always get excited to get together with other developers just to get feedback and receive encouragement from those already in the industry and this time was no different. There were actually only three of us present, including the leader, but the numbers don’t matter. This created more time for discussion and questions.

We started out introducing ourselves and talking background. Then we hopped onto the website So. Fun. I definitely recommend this website for exercising your developer brain regardless of if you care to learn the ClojureScript language. It is related to Lisp and JavaScript if that helps as a reference, but it really is just getting into the thought process that helps. Problem-solving, test-driven development, plus the coding dojo method, essentially utilizing pair programming.

We were also introduced to as a takeaway resource at the end of the evening. This is a site with problems to solve for multiple languages, with an opportunity to submit your own solutions for review, and then to be able to tweak your code more and more in response to the feedback to ultimately end up with cleaner and more efficient code. Good stuff! I previously had heard of this website and had an account set up, but have yet to actually utilize it. Check back later for my own personal review of this site!

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